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April Poem #1

 Calendar Note for a Sunday in April  Up late for church Wrote a poem Made dinner Walk at dusk: soft light fading into night swallows and bats  shadows swooping overhead

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Another April Poem

A Drift Everything then was falling apart and coming together simultaneously, situations bleeding noiselessly, the saturation of  wicking colors through beige fibers suddenly impacted by  metal and glass screaming to a halt bodies flying in all directions trying to land … Continue reading

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Rhythm and Rhyme

  Tide Lines Malibu Beach, Malibu Beach I just like saying Malibu Beach It bumps of my lips in sibilant clips, and slants down into the sea.   Lady Be Gone Fly some, flee some get some freedom. run some, crawl some stand … Continue reading

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  People in groups around parked cars and trucks vehicles wander the sand The ocean’s edge tumbles in and out beyond the tide zone Storms and tsunamis have deposited massive carvings, I walk among  the silent bodies washed and broken. … Continue reading

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Tolmie State Park Evening

The tight fist of day Softened in the light Fading over the still water  beyond the rock mossy flat. My footsteps on the bridge as I walked back to the car The sound of wood vibrating.  

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More April Poems: Untitled

April 3 Black birds red shoulders Blaze on blue across green shrilling the sound red over the shaded water. April 4 Again the last years dead stand out darkly against the green spreading wings  April 5 The world’s smallest violin … Continue reading

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The First Two Poems of April

Fluid I I Go quietly, The earth is not my home. inside my skin and bones works of copper plate resonate  patterned frequencies. Gears click and grind. I float downstream knobby feet to the sun tiny hands of water  pass me … Continue reading

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