Shorebirds Of Southern Oregon

One of these birds was stealing cat food– can you guess which one? It is the one who is not at the beach where he belongs. The others where on Arizona beach getting fat and keeping their sleek aerodynamic figure the natural way.

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Bandon, Oregon- 1 August Sunset x 14

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Images from the Beach at Bandon

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Playing with Shadows in My New Art Room


They were just there on the wall at the end of the day, inviting me to make use of them.


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A Little Mercy, Please.

Every body breathe in and out 

 minds filling with peace and 

the music of forgiveness,

The holiness of hands reaching 

out in the darkness in hope

of redemption and a door

opening into a day 

so bright fear cannot make a shadow.

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Now is Glorious Summer Shimmering

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Missing Space



Just off the highway

the wall of the corrugated mini-mart

held artifacts of the just before now,

perfectly preserved and operational,

A few miles later

driving through the park

 her childhood summer was 

lost in a tangle of bramble and trees 

 her younger feet had

trampled over unseen

now enshrouding a river

water cycled many times 

salt to rain to lazy drift 

years and rivers separated

growing into no empty space

to race to the edge

and plunge in,



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