Tarot #23: Victory, hard won and meaningful.

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Peace and stability gained through personal strife. You have known you were right all along, and you have been vindicated. The dust of the melee has cleared, and your adversaries lie in heap at your feet.


Counting Coup

To demonstrate acts of courage against an enemy to gain a moral victory, inspiring others to take up the challenge against even overwhelming odds.

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six of wands

Wrestling with demons, you have overcome them, and fangs removed and declawed they have no power over you now.


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You have or will have triumphed over addictions or weakness of some kind to become the master of your fate.

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This card is also a reminder that in our victories, as in our burgeoning ever progressing technological advances, there is the need to avoid hubris. With great energy and success come responsibilities. There is a price to every victory.

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