My To Do List

This is a list that I have collected and adjusted over many years from many sources and it includes the best of what I attempt to do and be everyday. I always fail, some days a little, some days I am way off. But, I think just the attempt makes my life better.

1. I do my best work and take rightful pride in it.

2. I evaluate my work objectively and ask for feedback when I am unsure.

3. I enjoy my work.

4. I act with kindness toward others whenever possible even those who do not seemingly deserve it.

5. I Take care of as many others (people and other living things) as I am able.

6. I take care of myself. There will be times when that is all I can do.

7. I stretch my point of view to include as many other points of view as possible.

8. I am flexible but have firm limits.

9. I make plans that makes sense to me(a sketchy plan is better than no plan), but I am not afraid to alter them when it ceases to make sense, or a better plan presents itself.

10. I am organized and prepared, but I know the importance of serendipity and spontaneity.

11. I think little and big. I take one step at a time but dare to dream large.

12. I feel myself living.

13. I have some fun everyday.

14. I laugh instead of crying whenever possible, but cry when I feel like it.

15. I stand up for what I believe and value.

16. I pay attention! I am ready to seize the opportunities of the moment.

17. I am curious, make a lot of mistakes, and learn from them.

18. I take the hard road and swim against the current to do what is right for me and those I love.

19. I share my dreams, thoughts and goals with others.

20. I help others whenever I can, but I do not enable those I care about to make destructive mistakes.

21. I use constructive criticism to help me improve, but never let it turn me away from an important goal. I ignore destructive criticism, and avoid those who dispense it whenever possible.

22. I take parenting, family, and community seriously and encourage others to do so as well.

23. I remember that my wife is my friend and lover and trusted companion, not my personal slave or property. I treasure and honor my companion and expect the same from her.

24. If someone does something to me that hurts me, I demand to know why and learn how to protect yourself without shutting down.

25. I remember that the fellowship of human beings is more important than race, class, gender, nationality, political party, belief system or any label that artificially separates us.

26. I am confident I can make a difference, and I act accordingly.

27. I am always learning.

28. I choose my friends carefully, but behave in a friendly way most of the time.

29. I am skeptical, but give people and ideas the benefit of the doubt when there is no evidence against them.

30. When I say, “I love you,” I mean it.

31. When I apologize to someone I make sure I don’t have to apologize for the same thing again.

32. I always apologize when I am responsible for hurting someone even if it was inadvertent or accidental.

33. I use positive and constructive methods to help people learn and improve, and I do not use pointless criticism, limiting judgeents or name-calling.

34. When someone asks me a question I don’t want to answer, I smile and ask, “Why do you want to know?”

35. I have a short memory for slights and a long one for good deeds and kind words.

36. I live with someone who I can listen to and tell my deep, dark secrets.

37. I learn the rules, but I am not afraid to bend or break a few.

38. I spend some time alone every day.

39. I explore the world and ask a lot of questions.

40. I know myself, love myself, and forgive myself.

The last three are included together because they are inseparable. They are the most important and usually the hardest to do.

borrowed from: Marion Wright Edelman, Art Hoppe, Stephen Covey among others.

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