Poems from Preschool World

The Dream Artist as a Preschool Teacher

There is a place

Where a line of tall eucalyptus trees

Stand in twilight.

A path runs along beside them.

Somewhere near is a park with a wooden game

Where you put a golf ball through

A maze of baffle walls and dowels.

There are triggers which:

Set other balls in motion

Change the position of obstacles

Make sounds occur.

Today I found six ball bearings and

Thought of how they would be perfect

for the balls in a small model

of the dream apparatus.

I could use some springs

And other parts

From the typewriter

We are dismantling

In my preschool class.



The Hard Sciences

Is it warm or cold?

Does it smell of the earth or taste sharp like electricity?

Will it have an engine or be pushed

By legs or pulled

Down a hill

By gravity?

Could you launch it into a cloud or

Drop it from space to burn

Through the atmosphere?

Can you crawl inside it and dream?

“It’s a river in the ocean,” says the child

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