Three Poems From My Natural Science Period

Twenty Years Ago

In the heavy forest,

My skin bordered the sky,

Played with it,

Wings probing,


Eyes turned on themselves.

In between

I was unprepared,

Whirled from almost every year

Back to that object of finding gaze

And folded bare twigs

To fill the spaces.

Free Will vs Destiny

Lacy skeletons

Made of millions of glassy splinters

Porous bodies

Move water in through filtering holes

And out through a central cavity.

Loosely organized of microscopic entities,

If strained through a sieve

And poured in the same location

Will form the same body

Even though each tiny entity is

Capable of surviving on its own.

More than a Bag of Accumulating Tissues

This simple body is not burdened

But enclosed no further


With no shell


Soft ballooning tubes

Move one mouthful of another

World gobbling

Simultaneously protruding

Side to side

A wide-eyed



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