No Transient Pulse

A dark cloud of pain,

she swept in

disturbing the rhythm of the current

leaving eddies

swirling ghosts with open mouths yawning

Her body shrinking

in knots of fury

The child, I released into that storm

was immediately lost in the tide.

she followed, carelessly

“It is the only life I know how to live,”

she shrugged with her last look back.

I sat alone

swallowed by a trailing ghost.

This happened last week, and it is haunting me. It is the dark side of being a teacher to see future suffering, and do all you can to mitigate it, but in the end know you can’t solve all the problems. You can only shine a light and hope it begins to shine a little in the family you are working with.

I am not sure what the title means. It just came to me that way.


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