Look for the Light, Listen for the Song

Here is something to try in the world as you go through it.

If a person annoys you or seems out of sorts, think this, “You have a light. You have a song.”

And ask yourself, “Can I help them find their light? Can I hear the faint whispering of singing deep inside this person?”

Each of us has a light to shine.

The light may be covered by pain or worry, but it is there. You may see a glimmer of it as if through a dark woods.

Each of us has a song that sings from within our spirit.

The song may be muffled or stifled or picked up angry discord through years of abuse or neglect, or it may just be lost in the jumbled noise of machinery and inane babble of the shallow stream of thoughts the runs through the world without direction or meaning or passion, just the yammering of greed and loneliness. “Look at this!” “You really need one of these!” “You can really have it all!” while pointing big flashing neon signs at the void.

You may need to find your light to see where the light is hidden in others.

You may have to learn your song again in order to hear the sound of a real voice above the clamor.

You may need to sit quietly shining and humming in a field on a warm day with a soft breeze moving the leaves of nearby trees. Or, maybe in a room with people who care for you just listening to soft conversation. or, maybe on a beach with the waves whispering and crashing about. or maybe in a car on your way to work when the noise of the day has not begun to drown you out.

There really is nothing more important to be doing or thinking. Nothing else will matter by the time it is too late.

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