101 in 1001: One Year Check In

It has been one year since I started working on my 101 in 1001 list. I have had some successes, but I feel like I am slacking on many of the tasks. I have not felt very inspired this year. My big successes (taking 1001 photos,  inspiring 1001 works of art) are due to getting the good job I have now, which is also a completed item on my list, and while the working part of the job has been good, the financial part has been a bit rocky and stressful as the economic hard times have made getting paid a bit of a challenge.

I have been walking a lot this year and am well on my way to 1001 walking miles, but I have not fixed up my bicycle so my miles there are woefully short. I was able to get to work many times without my car with bike, bus and my own two feet. Getting to work is much easier than from work because of the uphill and long working day factors (did I mention that I live on the highest hill in town and my  work is at sea level).

I have read almost 50 books this year, but I am way behind on my writing. I have to somehow reinspire myself for writing fiction and poetry, though I have almost completed two journals this year (about 500 pages worth of drawing and writing). I feel pretty good about this.

I feel pretty optimistic about this year though as my wife finishes her 3 year ordeal in nursing school, and can start working more. I will be able to take more time from work to do some recharging. We are both a bit toasty at this point. Though the next few months are going to be a bit chaotic as she finds a job and we work out moving and logistics to accommodate this transition. Maybe I need to write more about this process. I, also, need to figure out what path I want to explore next. Do I want to commit writing and art or choose a better paying career to work in? While I am pondering these choices, it is clear I need to feel more inspired in my life and work. I am feeling beat and like I am slogging through it all.

Even with all the slogging the list has helped me to keep some priorities in mind and inspired me to keep my creative soul breathing. This coming year will be the year of accomplishment. No more hanging in there. I will be taking things on and crossing them off. Right here is another 500 words and a blog entry, and today another 50 kisses for my wife. This year is the year of getting things done.

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