Year in Review: September 2010


Everything Has Changed

As of September our life was almost completely transformed from what it was at the beginning of the year. The threads still connected us that other time and the changes were almost all positive, but we were still learning the map of our new life. Mary was working more than full time as a nurse. I had a job in Everett, commuting 60 miles and minutes each way. By the end of September, Rowan and Jordan had moved over by the university campus. Dustin was still with us, but he is growing so rapidly in intellect and maturity, I am newly amazed on an almost daily basis at his ever expanding ideas about people, the world and the universe.

We had got through all of the chaos without a financial meltdown or too much panic. As always we, as a family, stuck together and muddled through. And, thanks mostly to Mary’s determination and genius planning, We came out of it all stronger and more prepared for challenges ahead. There was a lot of stress and swearing and few scary moments, but we tottered over the high wire to the other side. Though, we were still not ready to take any bows.


Journal Entries and a Poem

September 2

I walked long around the Railroad Trail this evening, mostly through the woods. Things look like they are going to work out.

September 3

The house slowly comes together. Mary is working more than full time. I am starting to prepare myself mentally for the onslaught of 35+ hours a week and a long commute.

September 4

Working on blog all morning, then out and in with all the wood from the back yard and mowed the lawn.

September 7

I am not writing. I am editing (Aranansi and River of Dreams). I have to wake up early to write. I have to start dancing, riding my bike, writing more novels, short stories, poems, learning Spanish. (see 101/1001)

September 13

I met my assistant teachers, and we will work wonders together. I like the whole team.

September 17

Sarah, my assistant (more of a co-teacher), has totally won my heart. She is so inspired and awed by each day. Even with all the layers of dust, she can see the sparkling center of whatever she is watching.

September 25

Walking Early. A bad night for Rowan and Mary, both sleeping on couches in the living room.

My job is taking over, shadowing my dreams:I am sinking down through the floor a ghost trapped under the boards trying to rise up. I wake at 4:30 am. Big and little thoughts booming in my brain, no room for sleep. I watched some John Stewart and Rachel Maddow on the computer and finally went for a walk, thoughts of the ways of people. We definitely need more sanity in the world.

September 27

I am starting to feel comfortable in my job, learning names and faces and how to be around them. I still cannot sleep on Sunday nights though.

September 28

I woke up to the dog rummaging around on the bed, and Mary fussing. Today I was tired and little discouraged, but I will work through this to the joy. It was a wagon pulling day, a tree watching day with cellophane blue water fights.

September 29

Tired at the end of a day, my voice is weird recorded. I am ready to sleep.

September 30

Walking to the End of the World

Dragons, new leaf green, the size of small dogs,

chomp in the mud beside the road.

Further on,

A man with a giant skillet,

standing next to an egg 2 feet taller than himself,

tells the history of the world.

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