Icy Determination to Thoughtful Action

“We must resist the populist temptation to act out of anger and thus wound ourselves. Instead of such impotent acting out, we should control our fury and transform it into icy determination to think things through in a really radical way, and to ask what kind of society it is that renders such blackmail possible.”– Slavoj Zizek

He is speaking about the bailing out of wall street here and the blackmail that giant corporations that are too big to fail perpetrated, but it seems to fit also when you think about how our country has been held hostage by demonizing rhetoric (as well as the NRA), and its possible affects on the minds of the ultra-radicals of any persuasion, including the mentally unstable, who are, in this country, free to own and carry guns in most places as long as they have a permit. We must use sanity against insanity, knowledge against ignorance, and reasonable discourse against violence laced metaphors that give license to the impetuous and unhinged to act impetuously. We must act, but only in ways that increase the likelihood of people gaining stability not losing it through fear.

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