February 2011: Implications of Projected Realities in the Middle of a Long Winter

when the inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner contradictions, the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposite halves.

Aion: C. G. Jung

What I remember of February was mostly dark and confused, but that is usual for February, the longest and shortest month of the year.

February 1-28th

Obama Urges Faster Shift of Power in Egypt

Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians crowded into Tahrir Square in Cairo on Tuesday for the largest demonstration so far in the uprising against President Hosni Mubarak’s government.

I was watching the amazing events in Egypt unfold in many formats. A lot of current middle east events are now and will be affected by the Egyptian uprising. And unlike most political events in the past year, this seems to be mostly positive, that is what is best for most of the people.

February 2

Journal Entry:

I am so tired of working for other people, trying to match their vision of the world.

February 3

Journal Entry:

The world will not be predicted. Events swirl out of the constant storm of ferocious turbulence produced by nature and people. We cannot know what will happen next. We can predict that people will behave well and badly, with cowardice and courage, wisely or out of ignorance. Each person will inevitably have their moment to act, and will choose a path that can only be seen once it is walked on.

February 6

Journal Entry:

I want to mash everything together and make a stew, simmer it and have it come out as a dream.

February 9


1. A lunatic assassin with a bow hidden in his bag hunts me and my baby, a tiny black rectangle bundled in blankets. I am afraid he will shoot me and take my baby.

2. My wife and my daughter are playing a complex game with puzzle pieces sorted into piles and bowls. I knock them and jumble them with my nervous movements.

February 10

Journal Entry:

I have been walking in the sun, but the fog has not lifted from my brain. By Friday I have run out of gas.

February 13

The Title of a Book from a Dream:

The Three-Fold Stone of Culture by Leonard Cohen

February 14


1. I am teaching a college class in which I had to use unfamiliar symbols relating to mathematics and sociology. The Students were doing well even though I didn’t how the tests were being produced or administered. I was afraid to ask and admit my ignorance.

2. I live in a small town on the coast. I have a conversation with a woman who was a afraid to home school her children.

“You learned it didn’t you? Why shouldn’t you be able to teach it?”

Another woman works her way up the coast $200 at a time teaching.

“I do research and then let it into my work in a natural way,” She told me.

February 15

Journal Entry:

I am tired of my schedule and the little annoyances of a job that should be wonderful.

February 17

Journal Entry:

I can’t remember a time that I have been so tired and bedeviled by nit-picky, excruciating pains of the tiresome trudging kind. I get up and go, come back and sleep. This is not living.

February 18

Journal Entry:

Today was a pleasant day at work. With only 16 children, we were able to work on a lot of little things.

February 19

Journal Entry;

I have had a pretty good life, but every day is a struggle.

February 20

Laundry Mat Thoughts:

He squats next to his friend on the curb, sunglasses reflecting the day. Tattoos cover his bare arms. It is cold thus the stocking cap.

They are no use to the world. They are at their best neutral and at worst annoying and destructive on an individual level. If the universe is projected, why include the people who don’t notice it? Why does the universe exist for them?

February 21

Journal Entry:

Professor Mannor Justerly, Mid-Washington University, Hanford:

He works on discovering the Higgs-Bozon particle which also relates to holographic projection. What are the complications in his life?  The rabbit holes and tornadoes that take him into other realms? How are people in his life affected by these phenomena?

February 22

Journal Entry:

Snow all morning in Everett. Some of the teachers discussed the ethical implications of an invitation to a lingerie party given by a parent. What if it were a Tupperware party?

February 24

Journal Entry:

Cold, cold, cold. Winter holds on until spring.

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