Working in Timeless Space

Just playing around with Photoshop Elements and some of my images from this year.

I just started working on a photo and lost all track of time.

When I came to it was 5 hours later and I had come up with these colorful abstracts.

When I am manipulating colors and forms I am so engrossed in the transformations,

I travel to a different place in my mind where time does not exist-

a place where the world of people and things that make up my usual reality is muffled and dim in the shadows.

When I return to my normal mind space, if I have been successful, the work I did in the other space is still vibrant and intriguing to me.

But I am not sure of their value as images.

They are like treasure I have excavated of which I now get to discover the more discrete aspects.  

When I look at other peoples art I try to imaging the process of exploration that lead the artist to whatever image I am examining, but if it speaks to me there is also that part of other peoples art that moves through me, transforming waves of emotion. There are times in which I can do that to myself. These are the times that I love being an artist.

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