Dreams of Last October


I am playing football with women wearing long blood-red dresses. They slide and leap, run and catch, laughing and sprawling about without worries about rules or keeping score.


In the long hall I supervise the rearranging of beds and other furniture.

“I’ll need that bed over here.” I say to two guys.

They lift and scoot the black tubular metal frame, the thin mattress covered in a shabby gold spread. We have many more pieces to place in the dimming space.

Eventually I head outside into the bright suburban day. I am in a race. My partner (generic medium female) and I stop at a convenience store for a snack and watch the other teams pass by on their scooters w/sidecars.


I am at a reunion in a small New England town with my large family and friends. We are staying at an inn with a huge 2 level dining hall.

“Can you believe Dede and Ida wore the same dress one time,” I say knowing that my dream cousins have very eccentric and original taste in clothes.

Later I try to walk up a wooden ramp to the upper level, but being too drunk,  slid and rolled to the bottom, sprawling on the floor where a waitress lay down and begins to remove my clothes and have sex with me, but gives up and leaves when she notices how drunk I am.

Suddenly I am in the backseat of a car driven by my son and my older son is in the passenger seat. 

“Be careful. It gets tricky around here,” I say. “You can’t turn left.”

We are driving next to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. We come to a fork in the road. Some DEA agents have set up a roadblock. One agent steps right in front of the car. My son tries to steer around. We pull to the side. The agent whose only identification is a Black vest with DEA printed in large white letters on the back. He motions for us to get out of the car.

“I want to see your badge first,” I yell as I am rolling down my window.

Dream Movie:I am watching a movie with Woody Harrelson  as a fire fighter who is helping Mr. Spock save the earth by solving some crimes having to  with ATMs. Spock calls him to create a diversion. He blocks the a very large road with his red fire fighter pick-up.

“You see, Spock, now we will get these cars backed up a good 1/2 mile,” he says waving his hand at the gathering traffic. ” And, then we’re gonna let Jenkins come and look in here at you, because he’s done such a lot of good work on the cash machine thing.”

“Woody Harrelson is so good,” I say as I watch the movie unfold and Jenkins look into the truck and the face of Mr. Spock.

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