Thoughts Written on A Church Program on the Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost


Pentecost (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People are people everywhere not good or bad just trying to survive. Some try to connect across the infinite divide of solitude. Most fail. Some are never given a chance to connect and are thrown aside in disdain. Some are able to find peace in the isolation  by escaping the self through a backdoor in their thoughts. Some find peace in the isolation of multitudes. If a person can reach another, the other may reject not understanding the effort or the value of the offer. If the person is accepted a delicate balancing act begins which most likely ends in disaster for one or both. It all has to do with what people are looking for, what they need from the person reaching out, and the ability of both to communicate their needs or desires. Mostly people just end up in a messy pile on the floor struggling over scraps, attention scraps, love scraps, power scraps, trying to fill the holes by stuffing what they can find in there and hoping it sticks.

Faith is foolish but necessary. without faith all is lost. How can anyone get up in the morning without some hope of enlightenment or at least a few moments of joy tucked into the day. Even on the day of disaster and ruin people rise and believe everything will be alright, or made right through effort, up to the moment of ultimate collapse.

A Stubborn Dim Light

What do I need? Nothing!

I only desire.

I could eat the world and leave.

I could turn inside myself

dreaming my desire into the stars

of my internal night.

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