A Few Foolish Things

“I was reading the dictionary. I thought it was a poem about everything.”

Steven Wright

Even at the time

When my father lay dying

I still kept farting.

Composed by Yamazaki Sokan

/Translated by Donald Keene

A poem I wrote while spreading peanut butter:

Snack Babble

What would I say about a sandwich?

Which sandwich would I say?

No cans no bottles in the bread?

Would they hit me on the head?

In between that’s where I’ll stay

safely Sandwiched out of the way.

My Life in February 2013,

(much the same as it is and shall be hence forth)

For the last month whenever I am in my room, I sing out loud in many different styles. I just sing without my guitar just making up words or some random song I know usually with a lot of made up words because I am really bad at remembering lyrics. Sometimes I sing very loud and shouty, sometimes in almost a whisper. I wonder what my neighbors think. I have also been pounding away on my guitar and sing/shouting Bob Dylan songs. Meet Me in The Morning has been popular these days, maybe not if you live nearby.

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