Love in the Complex World


I want to learn this:


for I am mad with

   devouring ecstasy to make joyous hymns for the whole earth.

Walt Whitman, Excelsior

I wonder if it is possible. I think I remember coming close a few times before my life got too complicated. Complexity supports this state of being  complications undermine it. The world is complex and intertwined so that all things are connected. Complications separate us from who we are inside the pattern of things and energy. Fear creates greed and the desire for power and security which has a ripple effect that throws the whole system out balance, destabilizing society into nations and corporations so that some people can have the illusion of security and control. I want to let go of all that and just live for the mad love of creation. The world is too complex to maneuver into a state where any individual has any real say in what will happen in the next second. The best you can do is love what you love and let it go.

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