Works in Progress, April 2015

This month I started a long term collage doodle on a roll of heavy sketch paper I had sitting up in my closet. I am trying to find low key ways to practice putting work together in my limited time. I have no idea how big or weird this one will get. So far it has a mind of its own, a very organic mind which I am just trying to read as I go 10 minutes at a time. Right now it is 11 days old. I wonder how long it would take to use the whole roll. I may be working on it for a long time.



This is my inspiration wall. it helps me to have a changing view as I am now living in small sub-ground level room in which one small window looks out onto some ivy and a metal and cement stairwell. No matter, I haven’t a lot of time or space for art at the moment, and when I have a couple of hours to rub together and weather is cooperative, I can walk in the woods that are just a few hundred feet from my door. In September, I will be moving to some other as yet unknown location that will certainly be more ground level and hopefully more of a view (not looking for much just a little sunlight now and then). I would move sooner but there are a lot things in the air presently, and I have to wait until a few of them land before I know where I will land.


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