Present-Tense Anthropology™

Our world is both complex and simple, as are these words and this image. Together they are a way of understanding a little piece of the complexity, not by making it simple, but just the crashing of concepts leaves a little bit of truth floating in the wake.

synthetic zerØ

“It isn’t revolutionaries and terrorist who make the nuclear power plants melt of blow their tops, or the electricity grids crash, or the automated trading systems go all higgeldy-piggeldy and write their billions down to pennies in ten minutes- they all do that on their own.
You boys, she said…all want to be the hero in the film who runs away in slo-mo from the villain’s factory that he’s just mined, throwing himself to the ground as it explodes. But the explosion’s taking place already- it’s always been taking place. You just didn’t notice…”
-tom mccarthy

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