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Empathy Breeds Survival

Mary Cassatt, the child’s bath      

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The Last 3 Poems of April

Day Light Moon shadow stained mirror or  A ghostly embryo floating in a womb of sky?   Fresh Water Habitat Ruffled water, lilly leaves drift in anchored circles, birds gabble and croak and whistle beyond the trees on the far shore an … Continue reading

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Present-Tense Anthropology™

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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-w2BfJKRpJR8/UpermRNc92I/AAAAAAAABJw/KirXDcGGG4s/s1600/ARMCHAIR+IMGP0185+crop.jpg “It isn’t revolutionaries and terrorist who make the nuclear power plants melt of blow their tops, or the electricity grids crash, or the automated trading systems go all higgeldy-piggeldy and write their billions down…

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