Earthquake Weather

The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next.      

Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness


“Looks like earthquake weather,” my grandfather used to say this often when some baffling bit of news cropped up. I think that sums up how I have wobbled through this year trying not to fall into the tectonic cracks of despair that writhe across my path through it. I am almost to the end of it and poised on what looks to be an even dodgier year ahead in which the cracks appear to be widening. But if you take a long view of the history of people, though this coming year may be rough, overall, this is good time to be alive. There is so much potential to create great and small deeds of mindful kindness that have more potential to resonate out into the world than ever before. There is no turning back and why would we want to, at no time in the past were people better as a whole than now. We must move into our new present with more compassion and empathy and care for the world. It is the only way, and it will not be as good or bad as we think will be. Things never quite turn out the way we plan do they. But no matter what happens there is no going back to a good old day that was better than today. Nothing can stop us from making the world a better place to live unless we never get started, unless we don’t live today like everything depends on us treating every other human being with love and respect and make others see how important it is that we all work at making every life worth living. Life will always be uncertain, thank whatever. Through the cracks of uncertainty the light comes in. Lets make some bigger cracks and fill the world with light.

Earthquake Weather

The world pressed firmly

to the hard edge of a bowl

awaiting the Crack!

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