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Palabras/Words: Poems in Spanish Translated to English #8

The Teller of Tales  When I’m walking, everythingon earth gets upand stops me and whispers to me,and what they tell me is their story. And the people walkingon the road leave me their stories,I pick them up where they fellin … Continue reading

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Of the Cosmic and Mundane and Mixed- up In Between

HOW IT SEEMS TO ME In the vast abyss before time, self is not, and soul commingles with mist, and rock, and light. In time, soul brings the misty self to be. Then slow time hardens self to stone while … Continue reading

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The Frontier: The Cost of a One Sided View of History.

  Frontier has two sides. It is an interface, a threshold, a liminal site, with all the danger and promise of liminality.                 The front side, the yang side, the side that calls itself the frontier, that’s where you boldly … Continue reading

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Ursula Le Guin, again?

Giant Flying Cats! This woman really had some brilliant ideas. Although, it might be a bit frightening as well. But really this is a great book filled with some very interesting writing and fantastic storytelling, and big freakin’ cats that … Continue reading

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A Dangerous Woman

Ursula K. Le Guin: The Rabble-Rouser with a Gentle Smile By Neil Gaiman January 25, 2018 IN MEMORIAM   The thing about Ursula K. Le Guin was that she didn’t actually look like a rabble-rousing, bomb-throwing, dangerous woman. She had a … Continue reading

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