Tarot #5: Luxury, This is Not About Bling or Status

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On the Surface

We can let the good times roll and let high spirits rain waters of love generously upon any who gather to us in that temporarily elevated place as valleys become mountains with the shifting of the earth’s shell, so will water run down and wear the mountain into great wide valleys and flood planes. Do not fear the fall but know it will come after we have drained our drink, laughed and danced into the gathering storm.


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Into the Depths

Look for the gift of insight in your dreams and emotions. Feelings and initial reactions to events when examined and unraveled can give you guidance. The mind, like the tides, brings up images, inklings, and desires that can with some rumination provide clues for resolving problems.

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Dissatisfaction may be coloring your decisions. In order to clarify your situation in life and align it too your deepest desires you must like the ocean and slow motion of water wear away the surface to get at the firmest convictions and core beliefs that lie buried under years of settling sediment.

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It is time to the gather people engaged in your life into celebration or into partnership to create a feeling of community and support.

Four of Cups

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