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Another April Poem

A Drift Everything then was falling apart and coming together simultaneously, situations bleeding noiselessly, the saturation of  wicking colors through beige fibers suddenly impacted by  metal and glass screaming to a halt bodies flying in all directions trying to land … Continue reading

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Dan Deacon – When I’m Done Dying

This is such a weirdly awe inspiring collaboration of images and music and words all from the mind of one man. I have no idea where it took me, but as I watched and listened I knew I was on … Continue reading

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In the backroom, through the trees Light is falling from the sun  Down the wind, clowns roll moaning Manic roosters on the run Madly Leaping, talons emblazoned At their shadows, madly Crowing growing larger in the lateness soon to be winging on there way  … Continue reading

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May Travels Like a Poem Through Me/ Journal Entries from May 2012: Part 1

5/1 Dream Scenes: I I skateboard up the hill past families slowly walking up in the twilight from the Van’s market car-less parking lot where two ghost, one tall and one small, stand faintly glowing. A thin, brown faced woman … Continue reading

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The Death of the Fool: La Strada

I found him tragically fallen from his perch in this most appropriate of situations. La Strada is a oddly captivating fable that leaves pieces of itself in my dreams. Anthony Quinn‘s brooding brute, Zampano, looming over the elfin waif, and … Continue reading

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Century #6: The Tower on the Beach

This is a dream I have had many times starting just after the accident. I am on a beach. Breakers crash to one side and sand dunes fold into the distance inland. A square tower stands about 100 feet from … Continue reading

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River of Dreams #41: Becoming the Dream

Chapter 21 Together Into the Dream A ragged crash and shattering glass wrenched Essie and Random out of the daze they had fallen into in each other’s arms. They squinted through the dimness to where the window used to be … Continue reading

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