Tarot #8: Wealth, abundance to be horded or shared

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All is secure in walls of stone, set aside from worry to establish a bastion handed down through generations.

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But, that which is set aside to benefit a few, creates feelings of privilege and envy and separation. This leads those that have wealth to become focused on the prevention of loss instead of the free flow of life and interchange of ideas. Wealth’s only value is generosity and shared wealth is valuable beyond the measure of the coins that represent it.


Abundance can either become fluid and disseminated in a community can create stability and a fertile ground for peace and enlightenment, or it can be horded away to supply a vain illusion of security while creating barriers to community. 

Wealth shared creates strong interdependent bonds, wealth horded creates walls of misunderstanding and suspicion.

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That which has navigated the labyrinth has burst forth into maturity. That which was hidden on dark paths has come through the trials into the sun and is ready to share the wisdom gained on the journey.


The lost lamb has become the ram and bears the hard earned skill and knowledge and material to the completion of the journey.

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This card can represent the attainment of a sense of rhythm in life through experience and attention to grounding oneself to the world and feeling ones part in the music of the life around you. It may be time to pause and find your heartbeat and the aspects of life that enrich your existence.


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