Tarot #8: Wealth, abundance to be horded or shared

Scan_20180817 (2)

All is secure in walls of stone, set aside from worry to establish a bastion handed down through generations.


But, that is not the natural order. That which is set aside from the rest festers and becomes focused on the prevention of loss instead of the free flow of life and interchange of ideas. When the reservoir is full then the water should benefit the land downstream that prosperity come to all and come back to land and people. To hold back the water until the dam bursts brings ruin to all.

This is the point at which abundance can either become fluid and disseminated in a community can create stability and a fertile ground for peace and enlightenment, or it can be horded away to supply a vain illusion of security while creating barriers to community. Wealth shared creates strong interdependent bonds, wealth horded creates walls of misunderstanding and suspicion.

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