Tarot #9: The Ace of Cups, Love, unconditional, freely given and received

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Love in its perfect form given and received without conditions. It is the Holy Grail in a world bleeding, filled with indifference and ravaged by greed and obsessions.


To respond with love and compassion when so many interactions in the world are frustrating and at times mean. You want to respond by closing up, protecting  yourself in walls of cynicism or turning away and giving up. Try to keep yourself open to the moment and respond with compassion, you may be creating an island of understanding in world of pain and chaos.

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This card represents the transition into a time where emotions will be guides to creating a more fulfilling and engaged life.

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Love is not a burden but a release, a transcendence into life lived fully for a reason. It is a gift that blesses the giver. Go into your day and love and you will find a better world.

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Love is your choice and it is your choice to yield like water to the harshness in the world, flowing around the rocks. Maintaining a fluid movement and loving presence will benefit everyone in your life including yourself. Celebrate the love relationships you have and if you feel lacking, keep your mind and heart open to all the possibilities. Love will come to you in many ways and when you least expect it.

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