Tarot #17: XX The Aeon/Judgment, the brink of a new day

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“Whenever we couldn’t conceive of what’s out there, it was because we didn’t yet understand what the preconceptions might be that were restricting our view.”

Richard Panek

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1. The final step has been taken in the previous journey and the new path is made clear out of the blue. A level head must be gained to move forward into the new territory, resources gathered and council taken to make the most of the opportunities glimpsed from the new vantage point.

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2. The processes of change have come full circle and the next level reached, but the rules have changed and these must be deciphered by careful testing of limitations. If you can fly now you must find a way to test your wings.

3. There is a split in the road and both paths are beset with dangers and contain wonders beyond your experience. The time has come to choose which you will take and how you will travel.

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4. You have taken control of a part of your life that previously was vague and mysterious to you. Enlightenment brings responsibility for consequences. Knowledge and awareness provide opportunities for both miracles and atrocities.


5. Dark clouds have broken up into a glorious sunrise and you can breathe clean air and take stock of what remains and give thanks.

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6. Your vehicle has been upgraded with many new options and special settings. There is no instruction manual, and you have places to go.

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