Tarot #18: Pleasure, joy in being

If you want to sing out. Sing out!

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Paradise can live in a single moment born like a glimmering soap bubble adrift on the wind which in its flash of existence encompasses eternities of bliss perfect in its harmony outside and in. All you have to do is pay attention fearlessly to everything that is evolving and revolving into each unfolding moment with the deep wonder of your soul and let this guide your every move.

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“That of a bird floating on the wind without moving its own wings, that of a bird which is flown by the wind.”

Zeami Motokiyo (世阿弥 元清) (c. 1363 – c. 1443)


The childlike ease of being and nothing more,

Joy in existence.

Enfolded in the moment dreaming and moving in the rhythms of the world with no purpose.

Dancing to the music in your head because it fits your body

Singing your spirit song in heart of the worldImage result for 6 of cups gill tarot

All that is lost is not lost to the heart

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“Every moment in time, is a moment of destructive loss and creative gain. These two forces, like upward and downward–facing triangles, represent our place in time and in space at the pivotal place between life and death.”

Alexandra Genetti, The Wheel of Change Tarot

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Prayer for Here and Now

Let it be a Dance we do

sliding through the waves

a swirling romp

a staggering stomp

a tapping by the way

Let the body move and sway

Let the joy of moving have its say

and a song remain behind

to keep us always in the sacred moment

keep the time to send us into the day

from play to play to play

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