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Tarot #21: 3 of Swords, sorrow as part of the amplitude of a committed life

This is a time to feel the pain of being human. In order to be fully alive, you must have contact with grief and loss otherwise you only skim the surface with no commitment to the depth of experience that … Continue reading

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Tarot #18: 6 of Cups, Pleasure in Being

“That of a bird floating on the wind without moving its own wings, that of a bird which is flown by the wind.” Zeami Motokiyo (世阿弥 元清) (c. 1363 – c. 1443)   The childlike ease of being and nothing more, Joy in … Continue reading

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Capturing Light: Investigations of Color in Words, Music and Images #1

The green park in winter. The snow fell lightly as the footsteps of children. The snow lay masking the trim pathways, shrouding the trodden grass, the snow as far as one could see, on the housetops, on the trees. The … Continue reading

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