Tarot #24: Interference, filter the static to find the picture


Unforeseen obstacles, details or seemingly insignificant side notes have positioned themselves in the path and scattered thoughts, plans and energy, as a mislaid brick will trip an overburdened person, sending carefully balanced items flying from out flung arms. There is no one to blame, and the scattered pieces can be gathered and repaired, but energy and focus are lost in the process. The challenge is to bring focus back to the task, by assessing the situation quickly, so as not to lose momentum. Solutions rather than blame should be sought. The plan is viable, but needs calm, thoughtful action and clear vision to proceed.Image result for 8 of swords tarot mary el

Image result for 8 of swords

Image result for 8 of swords tarot mary el

You are uncertain how to proceed in a project due to trying to account for all the possible problems far down the road. Better to begin knowing the immediate problems and move closer to what awaits you, so have a better point of view for problem solving.

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You are besieged by imaginary fears and a feeling of powerlessness brought on by inability to filter information and need to simplify your noisy life in order to escape from a self-imposed prison of indecision and open your eyes to real problems hidden in the chaos.

Eight of Swords

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