Tarot #26: Princess of Disks, master of creation and birth

This Princess represents a person who absorbs the world through every fiber of their being making their life an act of creation, committed mentally, physically and spiritually to the creative process from conception to giving birth.


A person who is engaged actively in the world and yet maintains a vision of inspiration that is a guiding star, combining concrete objective reality with the fluid dynamic of energy and imagination, whose only loyalty is to visions of life.

Image result for princess of disks tarot rosetta

The muse of fertility, creativity and determination, this one will not be denied the completion of her dream.

Image result for Mary el tarot page of disksThe Princess is here to tell you,

“Never give up on your visions. Be true to your art. What will be born must be born and nurtured until it is fully realized and brought forth into the world”

Page of Coins Tarot Card - Marseilles Tarot DeckRelated image

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