Tarot #44 : Futility, frustrated desires and unrequited idealism


 “This is why we can’t have nice things!”

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Should be, could be, would be except for . . .

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It is time to stop banging your head against whatever wall you have chosen and find a new way to move forward.

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You are engaging in self-deception or hypocrisy and possibly leading others into an unwinnable battle that is very unlikely to make much of a positive difference or may even be harmful if successful. Find attainable goals that really matter and begin to work towards them methodically.

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You pay close attention to the way you communicate and the messages you send. Every word, symbol and picture should be well chosen and the media you use should fit the message in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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You are being lead or are leading others either by deceptive methods or for a cause that is not as beneficial in substance as it is portrayed on the surface. Getting people to act against their own best interest for a cause that benefits only a few.

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