Tarot #53: Knight/King of Cups, the bearer of gentle messages of peace from the water and fire.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called children of God.

Jesus of Nazareth : Matthew 5:9


There is in you an active and passionate love of peaceful relationships that bring joy and light to lives of those close to you. You are a gift bringer and loyal support person to those more assertive or with more need of glory. You are the peacemaker who holds the coalitions together, the groups that give agency to humble and unnoticed who need a voice in the world.

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Image “Knight of Cups” © Sandra Yagi

Your family or friends or both may have need of your loyal support in the coming months as an ally and communicator, more than a leader. You may in the end get little credit for a positive outcome even though your support will be key in a successful resolution to the crisis.

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You will have a need to work behind the scenes of a project, letting those who are more extrovert take the lead, but remaining actively key in the outcome. You will begin to notice the strengths and weaknesses of others and find ways to maintain peace among strong personalities.

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The master of the underwater realms of the subconscious, dreams and visions will be key guides to move you on your next step. This card represents the ability to move in and out of dreams and mastery at communicating and understanding the language and topography of the hidden lands below the surface of our waking minds.

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