Tarot #54: Prince/Knight of Wands, forever lighting torches on the long dark road.


 People who are represented here are likely to see all angles of an issue, using debate and arguments to clarify a position. They may defend one point of view passionately one day and then its opposite the next simply to test the validity of each.

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They may seem distant and arrogant because they are working on a long time frame with plans far down the road. They are in it for the long haul and are looking to expend the right amount of energy, at the right time, for the best effect.

They will be generous most of the time, outgoing, and gain admiration and loyalty through their boundless energy and magnetic charm. They are all about thought and action in combination, and will not abide boredom in themselves or others, or small-minded limitations on inquiry. They move toward mysteries and puzzles, applying all their intellect, will, and energy to resolving these. When they lead, they tend to generate interest through communicating passion rather than directives. They are inspirational rather than commanding. At times they can be irresponsible and dangerous as they are rarely inhibited by a moral code or cultural norms, though they are not ruthless or mean, they can possess a wicked sense of humor when taking frustrations out on those they view as overly moralistic.

12- Son of wands  or Knight of wands

You are, or will find yourself, in a situation in which you must devise a long-range plan for a project that you have a passionate stake in and you must use your passion to inspire others.  Or you have a goal you can only achieve with the help of others, but have no authority to compel partnerships,  just your enthusiasm, will, and intense curiosity that you must communicate to others in order to make it so.

You may be involved in an issue that absorbs or intrigues you to the point that you may become forgetful of your commitments to others. Your intellectual or artistic or political pursuits may not be balanced by other aspects of your life like family or friendships that may help you to remain more grounded and in the long run more satisfied with your life.


 This card represents the vision quest undertaken to gain spiritual power and maturity.

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This is drummer, drumming and dancing to rhythms of the world, bringing the flame back to light the darkness and warm the blood.

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