Tarot #68: Satiety/perfected success, fellowship and shared light and care.


Among the worlds shattered and weather gnawed rubble, there is a place inside that contains a perfect peace and satisfaction and contentment which can be radiated outward to form a a protective space around more than one, but this is a fragile place that could fly away with a breath of wind like dandelions fluff carried off and diffused into the chaos of an ever revolving wheel of water.

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A feeling of peace and contentment can be shared from person to person and valued, extended rolling through the world like a wave of uplifting light. This feeling must be sought and cultivated and allowed to drift into the interactions and connections made in the wider world. This is not an esoteric secret of success, but only truly successful when shared with every word and gesture.

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You have begun to pay attention to methods of creating community and peace in the world. If you continue to pay attention to these ways of encouraging positive feeling in others it will continue to feed your satisfaction until you find yourself in a community of true friends caring for each other and reaching out to the world with eager hands inviting all who feel draw of fellowship.

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Through fortunate circumstances you have found someone to share your life who returns your love and this relationship radiates lighting the lives of others and allowing you to form the nexus of support that echoes out into the world.

The ten of cups

Find little ways to nurture others around you, to bring people together and allow them to feel valued and respected. At this time it is important to share even the smallest hope. There a great possibilities of building on a small foundation as a bonfire starts with a single small flame.

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Contentment and true success come from being satisfied and truly present in each moment. It is time to let go of ideas of material gain as a means of gaining happiness or security. All the riches you can gather will not protect you from loneliness or heartache or death, but by being present and satisfied with who you are you can avoid a lot of needless suffering. Riches and brilliant ideas may or may not come to you, but you can find all you need in each present moment.

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Do not think that peace and contentment will last on its own unless you practice it in your deepest thoughts and feelings each day.

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The lives of plants [are] more stirring than a detective story. The musculature of the back in motion dances a ballet. This piece of fabric should be set to music and that jar of preserves is a poem of ingenuity…You live. Eccentric. In integral solitude. In anonymous communion. With everything that is root and summit and that throbs, revels, jubilates. Phenomena of this congenital hallucination which is life in all its manifestations and the continual activity of consciousness. The motor spirals. The rhythm speaks. Chemistry. You are.

Blaise Cendrars, “Profound Today”

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