Tarot #67: Happiness, a point of emotional equilibrium and contentment.


All is peace and well- being around you. For a time you have a moment to appreciate yourself and the people who have helped bring about this space in the mad race of survival where you can feel free to be who you are fearlessly.

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You are the master of your fears and dreams. Feeling supported and enriched by your community, you express and receive affection and revel in the freedom of others to do so as well.

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You wisely see that making the world a secure place for people to develop without prejudice and with encouragement to live in a way that brings them joy.

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The cups overflow with enthusiastic light and wine of effortless and unconditional love. Nine cups of wisdom filled to the brim with an inexhaustible supply flowing. There is no need to covet or horde. Their is no end to love and good feeling for all who partake.

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Here is something to try

In the world as you go through it,
If a person annoys you or seems out of sorts,
think this,
“You have a light.”
“You have a song.”

Ask yourself,
“Can I help them find their light?”
“Can I hear the faint whispering
of singing deep inside?”

Each of us has a light to shine.
The light may be covered by pain
or worry,
but it is there.
You may see a glimmer of it
as if through a dark wood

Each of us has a song
that sings from within

The song may be muffled
or stifled,
or picked up angry discord
through years of abuse
or neglect
it may just be lost
in the jumbled noise of machinery
or inane babble
of the shallow stream of thoughts
that runs through the world
without direction or meaning or passion,
just the yammering of greed and loneliness.
“Look at this!”
“You really need one of these!”
“You can really have it all!”
while pointing big flashing neon signs at the void

You may need to find your light
to see where the light
is hidden in others

You may have to learn your song again
in order to hear the sound
of a real voice
above the clamor

You may need to sit quietly:

shining and humming
in a field on a warm day
with a soft breeze moving
the leaves of nearby trees

Or in a room with people
who care for you
just listening to soft conversation

Or, maybe, on a beach
with the waves whispering
and crashing

or in a car
on your way to work
when the noise of the day
has not begun to drown you out

There really is nothing
more important to do

Nothing else will matter
by the time it is
too late

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There is an art to love based in empathy and compassion and the reflexive nature of emotional experience. If you ascribe a feeling to another person then you take on an equal need to respond to that feeling as if it was real. If the feeling you ascribe is hate or anger then you will feel the need to build defenses to protect yourself from attack. But, if you reserve judgement and explore in a curious manner you will find reasons to ascribe some more positive feelings and that is the beginning of building a relationship and community even with those we tend to disagree. This is how we make a world where we all get to be who we are without all the walls and suspicion, but it is not easy. First you have to make yourself a curious and empathetic person who always looks for that little light that empathy and compassion can grab onto and like a magician with the scarves pull the good feeling out of people so others can see. This happens one by one, little by little and is never ending if we want to live without fear and walls.

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