Tarot #78: Ruin, it’s not necessarily the end.

“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.”

― Rumi

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Even if destruction and tribulation rain down upon your life, hope remains with life. From the ruins, despair or determination or acceptance or all three can grow. As long as determination is there, in even slightest amount, it will soon overwhelm the other two, for life is insistent and clings tenaciously to the most precarious foothold, and transforms dust into soil, rock into shelter, and hope into the future.Image result for 10 of swords mary el

Fearing what may be can bring upon you, in your precaution and desperate maneuvering, that which you are hoping to avoid. Building fortresses to ward off potential doom leaves less resources to create a life worth protecting.


You are only finished when you give up or your dead and everything looks darkest before the dawn, and all that. When you start to dance just keep on movin’ til the music stops and then make your own music out what you can salvage from the debris.

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“you have experienced fear without being destroyed….

The choice is yours.

You can always leave the realm of your nightmares.

Put a stop to old patterns…”

Shadows come to rest

Banish fears to the darkness –

Dawn breaks every day.

Margarete Petersen Tarot, AGM-URANIA, 2004. 

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Wheel of Change Interpretation: Maturity

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You have developed and gathered all the experience and tools to finish your path and when the spring comes you will be ready to plant and grow your life into a verdant garden. Though it is winter outside you have the means to get through the worst of it and when the time comes you will be ready for anything.

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