21 Behaviors that Support Peace and the Free Exchange of Ideas.


inspired by tmlavenz

1. Be helpful and kind and go out of the way to assist other people in ways that will not impair your life to the point of dysfunction.

2. Keep your mind open as to motive and intent of what is read, heard and seen and attempt to view the issue from the point of view of the one communicating.

3. Encourage people around you to take reasonable risks and, if they fail, encourage them, to adjust their approach and try again.

4. Be accountable to any moral standards you hold without judging others for their standards as long as they are not imposing their beliefs and prejudices or violence on others.

5. Develop a calm center in order respond in a compassionate and more objective yet emotionally engaged way to emergent situations.

6. Work to change the world into a more compassionate and open minded interconnected community based on the best outcomes for everyone.

7. Be active and courageous in defense of those who are mistreated, abused or neglected.

8. Choose compassionate and caring language and actions whenever possible, and extend the hand of peace and love to anyone who is not actively harming others.

9. Use peace and love as grounding principles at all times.

10. Extend to yourself forgiveness and understanding of the learning process which you extend to others for their imperfections and mistakes they have made.

11. Maintain an open posture toward the world and engaged actively and thoughtfully in interactions with others to maintain effective learning relationships with people who may have different life experiences and points of view or to understand better those that are more familiar to you.

12. Tell the people that you love how much you love them and extend that circle of love as far as you can into the world.

13. Live in the present moment whenever you can do it responsibly.

14. Be generous in all aspects of life while having gratitude for all gifts you receive as well as looking for those quiet gifts that do not readily emerge in your everyday thoughts.

15. Be quick to forgive and slow to condemn remembering that forgiveness is mostly best for the one forgiving and words of condemnation are hard to retrieve once loosed.

16. Feel emotions fully, but act on them thoughtfully.

17. Acknowledge those who have honestly made sacrifices for, aided, or gave comfort to anyone in need. Sometimes it just takes one caring act to give someone the handhold they need to pull themselves out of a desperate situation.

18. Protect and defend the self worth and dignity of all people no matter the situation or the person. However, reserve the right always to disagree or protest or block the behavior of any individual or group who poses an existential threat or attempts to degrade others with no reasonable provocation.

19. Listen more than you speak.

20. When you speak truth for a righteous cause make sure you are heard then pause for a reply.

21. Be prepared to make adjustments in your firmly held beliefs.

From this point I am working on doing all of these things on a daily basis, I invite as many others to join me in making the world a place where more and more people can lead lives filled with other people who are working toward a world where everyone has a chance to live with dignity in peace.

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