Tarot Journal #19: 10 of Disks

Keeping the Important Pieces in the Right Places

I have been preparing to move for a while. I just began looking at housing options, timelines, and scheduling. Just kind of setting parameters and narrowing down strategies. Yesterday plans and little nagging worries began to pile up in my mind. I felt like there was no way to handle it all. Then I realized I was the only one I had to please in this situation. As long as I continue to arrive at work most of the time and stay connected with my external life, if there happen to be a few glitches in the process that I don’t foresee, it may be a little frustrating and I may end up having to leave some things behind but worrying about it will probably make the situation worse. I am almost sure something like this will happen because I am not very good a logistics and organization. I tend to do some planning and worry, but end up procrastinating and have to go through a flurry of furious motions at the last minute, usually dropping a few small balls in the process. That is my way. I usually maintain most of my sanity and possessions with minor losses.

My life is going pretty well at this point and I am trying not to hold on so tight to things and visions of the future so I decided to adopt a, not necessarily careless, attitude, but one of acceptance for a reasonable amount of loss amongst so much recent prosperity and the general chaos that is moving. In other words, I decided that not everything I possess or even care about has to make it with me to my final destination. If there are a few bumps or last-minute late-night maneuvers that have to be negotiated, I will deal with those as they come up, just like I always do.

I plan to be diligent within reason, take advantage of opportunities to increase my life connections, and maintain my current increasing level of joy and openness to whatever presents itself to me while I move my life to a new home. I will move, and almost all of what I want to keep in my life will come with me. My focus will not be on fear of loss, but on maintaining my sanity and maybe even developing an increased feeling of belonging to this community as well as a new address.

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