Tarot Journal #60: The Emperor

What Kind of World Do We Want to Live in?

It has been an interesting week starting out with Monday dealing with my previous landlords wanting to charge me exorbitant amounts for things that just wore out after 5 years of use. That should be why you pay rent, for using the place. So I began the process of disputing the most ridiculous items. That will continue this Monday as I have heard nothing from them since.

I have decided to handle all of this without stress or anger, just point out where they are not acting in a humane or ethical fashion and maybe ask them how they sleep at night after stealing from the poor or working so hard for those who do this. It is all part of my plan to use calm insistent reasoning combined with some hints about how we could, by our everyday actions, make this world a better place to live. If we all do this maybe people who are rich or think they’re going to be rich will have to at least think about their effect on society. If that doesn’t work then there is always the pitchforks and torches method. After all there are a lot more people on our side, maybe we could just scare them a little.

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