Tarot Journal #59: Mother of Cups


After 15 hours of driving back from my Northern California trip, I had two days to relax and deal with the final details of moving. I felt almost hungover on Sunday, just barely making it to church, and after that sorting through all of my Email and unpacking and pondering how to reset my life in light of my enlightening break from routine. I feel traveling and reconnecting with so many people who were and are still so important to me was the culmination of a year of grieving and emotional and physical recovery and transformation which seemed to come full circle to this day which was the anniversary of Roberta’s death.

At sunset I walked on the bike trail to the little path through the woods to the edge of a lily pad lake where Roberta and I sat getting to know each other while the evening settled. I remembered how pushy she was and how much it scared the hell out of me that she could be so certain of our relationship. She was right. Even with all of the hardships, my life was so blessed and enriched by having her in it. I then took the last of her ashes and scattered them for I knew this is where I will return if I want to remember this part of my life and make some sense of whatever comes next.

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