Self Experiment #6: blogging as a fictional exercise

I have launched my latest self experiment. It is a blog written by a fictional character, a family and personal history. My character will only be interacting with people on the blog itself. So if anyone leaves a comment my character will respond, but the character will not be sending emails or commenting on other peoples blogs. The experiment will be how real I can make this character. It could get to be an interactive story, or it may just be me writing a story in blog form. I don’t have a plot line laid out, but I do have some ideas for entries. I am sure I will be using some material from my own life though probably more from the distant past than the present or recent past. I am starting out with a character at least a little like myself, but sufficiently different to provide a challenge for me. My character will not be dispensing advice or forming relationships, just writing about himself. I will not be including any real people except perhaps people already famous who happen to come up. I will try to invent my character as I go. I wonder who my person will turn out to be.

Challenge: See if you can find my character’s blog. You can guess as a comment here. I could just tell you but it’s funner this way. If you guess correctly you of course get self satisfaction and a comment on your blog, but nada mas.

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2 Responses to Self Experiment #6: blogging as a fictional exercise

  1. Wow– this is a fascinating one! Gotta go find the new blog!

  2. randomyriad says:

    Good luck! I will be writing on it daily as well as this one. I am excited about the possibilities for developing a very realistic character.

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