Peaceful, Easy Christmas

We had a peaceful and stress free Christmas this year. Around our house this is a major breakthrough. Usually Mary is melting down with stress, but since she quit her job at the church, she has a new perspective on the whole process, and came up with a plan. She is going to write it up and it is a bit complex, but suffice to say for the first time in many a year, we got through Christmas without door slamming or tears. In fact it was a very sleepy affair.

The first part of our plan was to eliminate shopping as a priority, blasphemous as that sounds in our Christmas driven economy. We bought one thing that the whole family would enjoy (a Nintendo Wii) and gave some simple home made gifts. And, Mary carried out her plan to spread the idea of Christmas out over the rest of the year. It really is a great idea, but I have to let her write it as it is her idea.

We played multiplayer video games and hung out as a family all day. No one went anywhere or did anything exciting. There was even a little snow. Very nice indeed. And, we feasted on the home grown ham from my sister’s farm. Simply a pleasant day with people I love. What could be better? I really don’t know.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was peaceful and full of love, and if it wasn’t I wish you a speedy recovery. And, if you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope that it did not make life difficult for you. Bless us all and give us love and understanding to deal with whatever comes next.

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  1. Sounds like it was quite a lovely day!

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