One Good Simple Thing

There are things in life.

Simple, easy things that take the hardness out of world for a moment.

Ghostly music seeping in from another room makes me stop.

She is singing again, and I cannot move,

I must stand and cup my mind around this whispering flame.

The slightest puff of air will chase it into the night

and leave the world colder for its loss.

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4 Responses to One Good Simple Thing

  1. Narnie says:

    Oh my goodness… beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  2. gingatao! says:

    A lovely graceful drifting poem. Very orginal image, carefully constructed. The poem flickers softly like the candle flame. Beautiful.

  3. randomyriad says:

    I was feeling so far away from my life since New Years, and I had to pull myself back in. This was me breathing in. Thank You for your comments. I feel so affirmed.

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