Winter Night Walk

I walk back from the corner store my foggy breaths

leading me up the hill.

I see Orion in the southern sky

so clear against the indigo

with the crescent silver shining

just over his outstretched arm.

The sky dome clear horizon to horizon,

and my face numb,

but shining moonlight

back up as I take it all in.

The streams of water on the driveway

are frozen into  slick low speed bumps

shattering the moonlight

on their hard surface.

I place one foot on an ice stream

feel it start to slide so easily down,

no friction.

I have chocolate in my pocket

sodas for my children in my gloved hands.

I stand just a little longer,

My face growing numb.

I walk down the driveway

watch for the icy patches

up the steps.

As I open the door the warm inside

leaps on me

pulls me in saying,

“Here you are again!

in your island of warmth

in the midst

of a tranquil sea of winter.”

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2 Responses to Winter Night Walk

  1. Narnie says:

    And you see beauty in the outside and in the in. It’s amazing when you take these nighttime walks and feel the stillness of the day closing when you know all that hubbub is waiting just a few minutes back. The cold was so tangible you can almost feel it. Perfect.

  2. randomyriad says:

    When its this cold you can only enjoy the outside for short periods, but when you know there is a warm place waiting you can take it in and use it.

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