Relocating the Mess or Have You Seen the Toaster, Dear?

I’ve been moving for the last 3 weeks, which everyone knows is about as good for any sort of daily activity as explosives are for renovation, unless you want to just chuck it all and start over. Well that thought did occur to me several times during the process.

“Let’s just have a bonfire and leave the molten debris,” my wife suggests.  “We don’t need the  stinking cleaning deposit.”

But after careful deliberation with my wife and children we decided to shove every piece of garbage we have so carefully selected and moved about with for the last 20 years, haul it 2 miles, and deposit it in a location about 1/2 the size. Now we are in the process of sorting out and shoving smaller items into the larger cracks in the basement. This process should take until we have to move again. In which case we might just leave that heap of molten mess and flee for our sanity.

For now we are settling and sorting, cramming, arranging and swearing. My wife says she wants to go live at the old house. Now that it is finally clean, it looks like a place she wants to live. But, I remind her all this crap comes with the package, and she sighs and thinks wistfully of the bonfire. I remind her that the fire department would be on us so fast we could only burn half of the stuff, and there we’d be homeless with melted debris. So we continue sorting, settling and searching for places that will take donations of useless items that have found their way into our possession. Anyone want a fondue pot?

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2 Responses to Relocating the Mess or Have You Seen the Toaster, Dear?

  1. kweenmama says:

    I liked this post. You’ve reminded me how much I hate moving. Even though we’re not moving, we could certainly light quite a bonfire with our useless items. Maybe it’s time to Ebay…

  2. randomyriad says:

    We have survived and are stronger for the experience, though next time there might be some flames and melting involved.

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