Universalism at Work, A Nice Idea

“Where we are fighting a tyrant, we are all universalists. We are immediately in solidarity with each other. That’s how you build universal solidarity … it’s the struggle for freedom. Here we have a direct proof that a) freedom is universal and b) especially proof against the cynical idea that Muslim crowds prefer some kind of religiously fundamentalist dictatorship or whatever, no! What happened in Tunisia, what happens now in Egypt, it’s precisely this universal revolution for dignity, human rights, and economic justice. This is universalism at work.”

Slavoj Žižek

If only we could believe that our president is acting under this principle in Libya. I believe he is acting to build a feeling of international partnership which is a vast improvement over George W. Bush’s aggressive isolationism, America is the only light in a dark world theme. When we, as a nation, act out of true solidarity with other nations without considering the advantages for us first, the world will finally have a chance for peace. Wars are very self-righteous and usually unhelpful answers to any problems through which only the greedy come out winners.

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