May 2011: Just Passing Through On the Highway from April to June

This last year is all muddled in my mind. I was reading and listening to so many books and working on writing in bits and scraps of time. I have had almost no time for anything else besides work. May was a microcosm of the year. Seems like I drove through May without stopping to live in it much.

May 1

World Events:

President Borack Obama announces in a special TV broadcast that Osama bin Laden was killed during an American military operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

“The killing of Osama bin Laden is not a moment for triumphal chest-thumping but for sober reflection. In the decade since September 11, 2001, what has the United States done in response to those horrific attacks? What did it cost us? And where do we go from here?”

Chris Hayes, Editorial from the Nation magazine May 23, 2011

Many people want the story of the world to be a morality play about good guys and bad guys, but in the real world when finally hunt down the bad guy you usually find that he really didn’t matter. The world is complex and every thing anyone does can be seen as good or bad. I think that the world is probably well rid of Osama bin Laden, but we are not the good guys in this story. There are no good guys or bad guys just people busy working on their own agendas who are motivated by the ideas they choose to follow. Sometimes the ideas are helpful to the world in general and sometimes they are destructive. Sometimes ideas that seem helpful at first turn out to be misguided and harmful. This makes maneuvering through the world as an “ethical” person tricky. Most of all you should not put your trust too much in loud proclamations, anthems, and hyperbole. There are always as many sides to any issue as there are points of view, and the more points of view you can manage to see the more sanely and ethically you can operate in the world. You don’t have to believe every point of view just know that it is there and influencing somebodies thinking and action. The more angles you can see, the better you can respond in affective ways. This applies to personal relationships all the way up to global politics. Sound leadership begins with an open mind and empathy. You don’t have to love the people who do you harm, but understanding their point of view will give you insight into how to best deal with them.

May 5


He was mad at me because I was in love with his wife.

“I can see you want to make love to her, but it might not be all you think it is, ” He said as I walked in through a sliding glass door.

Boy was he pissed off.

May 2


Color kittens are people, green, yellow, blue and red multidimensional beings of neon glow.

May 5

Journal Entry:

My dreams rise up like bones in a stew disjointed but distinct having subterranean connections with events and feelings in my life but combined at odd angles by the cooking. My brain is processing something just on the other side of a translucent wall. I can hear vague snatches of murmuring and warped silhouettes flit here and there as things move about.

Dreams about work almost always involve being out of some loop or another. I move from one confusing scene to the next, reacting to each calmly but never figuring out what is going on.

May 18

Journal Entry:

I am devoid of ideas, my dreams parting mist as I reach for them. What is the next thing, the idea that pushes me into a frenzy of action? I want to be doing things again not just feeling lousy?

May 19


“We’ll take the bus down the mountain!”

The long mustard green bus roared Neil Cassady style down from Grass Valley or Nevada City into the big valley loaded with children and hippies.

Notes from a Training about Integrating Preschool to Third Grade in Everett:

Is this really true? Are people this cynical? How did we lose the battle for the mind? What about actual ability to think freely beyond instruction? Questioning and challenging.

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning? What do the other superintendents work on?

School is not life! Education happens everywhere!

{Narrative/ theme/ character} Everyone has stories.

May 25

Conversation from a Dream:

“How is your project superseding?” L asked me, meaning “Did you use all the appropriate criteria?”

I knew we hadn’t.

May 31


1. I wear a red dress over my clothes while playing basketball with some older guys. Someone suggested that I take off the dress which I do.

2. I am pushing a pick-up truck uphill on a boggy road and almost slide into some mucky water. An older couple are commenting and a woman shrieks at me. I suddenly realize this isn’t my truck.

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