Tarot #60: Strength, from the heart of fire moving to provide support and balance.

nine of wands

Pure energy from the deepest levels brings harmonious rhythm to the delicate balance of the world and universe.  Elaborate patterns of synchronized motion that make the structures of the universe stable.  Though at any one time the balance can swing quickly from order to chaos if any of the elements should weaken or fail or fall out alignment.


For a time, you have at your disposal more than the usual amount of energy and will, enabling you to push through hardships and obstacles and rely on stamina to put effort forth at critical times to succeed at to your undertaking.


You will be challenged to use your will and energy to protect something in which you believe that is endangered or you will find a cause that you believe in that needs a leader with immense amounts of enthusiasm and energy to manifest a change in the world. You will be ready and capable of accomplishing what you desire.

scan_20190112 (3)

It is time to face cowardice with courage, speak truth to power, and leap into the breech both barrels blazing, knowing that it will a long and hard fought battle to bring something revolutionary out of the spirit into the world. But it is the stagnant water that breeds disease and needs to be stirred and tumbled to run clear.

scan_20190112 (2)

You have put in hours of practice and gained experience in a variety of situations. You are in your element and ready to lead those around you by your confidence and intensity.

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