Tarot Journal #3: The Universe

The Universe is Us and It Is Time to Dance

I woke up this morning feeling like I came out of dark tunnel that I have been slipping in and out for the last ten years, forgetting that we can not be alone because the universe is wired through all of us and that the only life that has any meaning is in this moment. The horizon of the moment is where all action takes place. I have been coming out of this dream of past/future for a while, and this morning and the last few days I have been edging out of the gloom. I have not fully emerged, but I have begun to feel like my present is aligning with my consciousness and even momentarily syncing with the way the world is. This feels a like waking up at a party surrounded by great moving music but I don’t know the dance. I am ready to start dancing my way back into this life figuring out the steps as I go.

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